Have you accidentally closed a tab in Chrome? and couldn’t find it in history page, if you don’t want this to happen again for you then you should install Recycle Bin extension for Chrome browser. This extension remembers closed tabs in browser and lets you reload them whenever you want from a pop up with a single click.

Reopen previously closed tabs in Chrome

Recycle Bin by default stores up to maximum of 20 closed tabs, you can change this number in its options. To view all tabs you’ve closed in Chrome browser click on its icon on toolbar which shows a list of links with search box and allows you to reload any tab.

RecycleBin extension for Chrome showing list of tabs with links you've closed

This closed tabs list shown by extension in pop up is same and appears across all Chrome browser windows you’ve opened. You can delete/empty all tabs in Recycle Bin by clicking “Reset” button.

Recycle Bin

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