Till now to print selected or highlighted text on page in Chrome you need to use “Ctrl+Shit+P” shortcut to switch to default print dialog on Windows and then need to select “selection”. Chrome has avoided this hassle for you by adding “Selection only“option to their Print Preview dialog.

Print Selected text in Chrome by using “selection only” option in Print Preview

To see this in action, you need to be using latest dev. channel. Select some text in a page and press Ctrl + P or from Chrome menu select “Print” you can see “selection only” bring shown as one of the options under “Headers and Footers” and “Background Colors and images”, select it and highlighted text will be printed.

Chrome soon to allow print selected text on page from its print preview screen

Yesterday we’ve covered another interesting addition to Chrome dev. channel, that is Chrome lets you set any URL as homepage by dragging it onto Home button.

Have you found these features useful? which missing feature you want to see in Chrome? share with us in comments.