We’ve reviewed Firefox 20 Aurora in the past which currently available for download and brings new features to the table like Downloads panel, separate per-window private browsing and Plugin hang UI (for Windows only) to terminate hanging plugin like Flash. This UI to control hanging plugins has been landed on latest Aurora and nightly builds and available for testing.

Firefox 20 Aurora gives Control to user in killing hanging plugins

What’s use of Plugin Hang UI for user?

FYI Firefox automatically kills hanging plugin after waiting for 45 seconds thanks to Out of Process Plugins (OOPP) or crash protection offered for browser, during this time period Firefox may become unresponsive and user has no control over flash plugin that is hanging the browser.

Mozilla has created UI for hanging plugins so that whenever a plugin hangs (currently works for Flash only) UI for that plugin will be shown to user which he can end by clicking “stop plugin”, so that he doesn’t need to wait till the browser to become responsive again.


At present Firefox may not produce UI when plugin hangs, this feature still needs some improvement before presented to users in release channel.

Let me tell you when you use this feature Mozilla will receive telemetry data about UI’s usage patterns which allows them to make adjustments to make UI more consistently appear to user when plugin hangs. [Via]

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