Opera 12.14 RC has been released to fix endless crashes which happens when checking for updates in Opera 12.13, if you’re experiencing these install this RC version to stop them, expect  for Opera 12.14 final to come soon.

When Opera 12.13 was released users complained they’re getting Opera crashed while checking manually for updates, guess what! Opera is working on 12.14 to address this. This version suppose to put an end to “crash loops”, but they found the reason for the crashes as updates for extensions are due while browser at the same time tries to check for updates manually or in the background. 

Opera 12.14 RC

Opera guys too experienced this problem “we found a pretty sad crash when checking for extension updates and want to fix it ASAP. If you’re experiencing "crash loops", please install this update. “says Alexey in Opera blog.

Opera does auto-updates installed extensions but do you know you can manually update them also?, read How to manually Update Opera Extensions.