3.0 major version of KeyScrambler has been released by QFX Software for all three editions it offers, Personal edition gets much wanted Google Chrome support, in fact free version offers keystrokes encryption support for all browsers. KeyScrambler Personal 3.0 supports Windows 8 where Internet Explorer 10 also brought into this (includes “Modern” or “Metro” IE also).

KeyScrambler 3.0 Released

What is KeyScrambler for and its use?: For the uninitiated, KeyScrambler encrypts keystrokes you type from keyboard on login pages and forms in websites and decrypts them when reaches the browser. Even though key logger installed on your computer it only gets encrypted keystrokes which of no use. Read Ultimate Guide to Protect from Keyloggers.

Till now all previous versions of KeyScrambler personal supported Firefox, Internet Explorer and Flock browsers only, now support expanded for all browsers which Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 also there in the list.

KeyScrambler personal 3 protecion is active in Google Chrome

Keyscrambler 3.0 has undergone “a thorough reengineering and numerous optimizations, which result in the new version’s improved performance and compatibility, reduced resource usage, and more fluid user experience.”

KeyScrambler won’t installs browser add-ons any more : KeyScrambler no longer installs add-ons for browsers from this version. You need to install the program once on your computer and protection being offered for all keystrokes you type in browsers against known and unknown keyloggers. 

KeyScrambler Personal 3.0 features

1. Support Internet Explorer 10 (both desktop and metro), Google Chrome, Opera and other 26 browsers.

2. Full Windows 8 support.

3. Offers protection without installing add-ons for browsers, welcome change.

4. KeyScrambler works with new Firefox versions without need of any program updates.

List of all popular and know browsers KeyScrambler currently supports is: Firefox, Flock, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer,  Maxthon, Opera, Safari, Seamonkey, SR Iron Browser, Palemoon, Lunascape, RockMelt, WaterFox, and Yahoo Browser, other browser names not added here.

Premium and Professional versions of KeyScrambler offers protection against keylogging for Windows 8 apps also.

You can download KeyScrambler from here.