If you’re a Dropbox user and wondering whether you can install experimental build over stable or similarly stable build over experimental one on your computer? (which is called downgrading), Answer is yes!, this answer is not from Dropbox, but from me (tested  and worked out user). FYI Dropbox experimental always has higher version number than stable one.

Where to download latest experimental Dropbox build?

Experimental builds of Dropbox for Windows, Mac and Linux with new features always available for download for users from Dropbox forums.

1. To download this build, visit Dropbox forums click on “experimental feature build- ” and click on links provided on page depending on platform you’re on.

2. These builds may be buggy and that’s why not recommended for regular use, if you’re adventurous user go ahead and install on your Computer.

Stable Dropbox version available for download from its homepage is recommended to use on working environments,  these are thoroughly tested and released to public after feedback from its forum users, that’s why safe to use.

Switching between Experimental and stable builds of Dropbox

If you wanted to switch between experimental and stable builds when new ones are available, you can do that by installing experimental build without uninstalling stable build or similarly you can install stable build without uninstalling experimental build, you may get an error or two click “retry” will fix the things.

We’ve tested on our system by installing Dropbox experimental 1.7.5 over stable version 1.6.7 and similarly installed Stable version over development version without uninstalling already installed Dropbox version. Don’t get confused!, Dropbox experimental builds also called as test builds or development builds.