Google India blog has announced the availability of Google Plus hangouts for Gmail in India which seems yet to roll out to all users at the time of writing this article. Video chat in Gmail is limited to one  person only but with hangouts on Google+ you can have video chat with up to 9 people at once.

How to check hangouts feature available for your Gmail account in India?

If you’re a Gmail user in India, if there is Hangout button appears on top of chat list then hangouts feature is available for your account, if not you need wait till it rolls out for your account.

No Google Plus account means no hangouts for you

User need to click on “Hangout” button to start hangout with other Gmail users, who also should’ve upgraded to Google+. Without Google Plus account you can’t chat with other users. So if you’ve Gmail account only then you need to join Google+ by creating a public profile.

Google+ hangouts enabled for slower connections as well that means if you’re on a slower connection you can switch to low bandwidth mode to keep the conversion going.  

{via Google India blog]

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