When you open new tab in Firefox, address bar usually shows “Go to a Website” message, now Nightly showing “Search or enter address” in place of it. Mozilla has changed go to a website string to Search or enter address because they feel you can perform searches from location bar too.

Firefox 23: How to Always Use/Set Different Search Engine for Searches in Address bar

“Go to a Website” changed to “Search or enter address” in Firefox address bar

But we feel those search results not as quickly displayed when you enter in Chrome Omnibox, there will be delay to show search results generated by default search engine you’re using when you enter word and press enter.

Firefox URLbar string changes

The target milestone for this set as Firefox 21, and you can see this change in nightly build.

What do you think of this minor change  made by Mozilla to Firefox address bar? Does this change has any importance in your point of view? Share with us in the comments.

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