Till now to download Dropbox stable version usually you’ll visit Dropbox website and click on download button which prompts you to save Dropbox file on your computer. Once Download finishes if you run it its client will be installed on your computer, here to install Dropbox internet connection is not required. Does this will change? Dropbox for the first time has offered web installer for experimental build 1.7.6.

How to download and Install Dropbox test build on Windows online with web installer

With web installer Dropbox offers small executable file for download which on running on your system downloads all required files from Dropbox servers, after that Dropbox setup will run.

This has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages being always latest version will be installed on users’ computer. Disadvantage is users no longer can install Dropbox offline on multiple PCs if online installer if offered in place of full installer.

Dropbox web installer

Smaller installer saves full installer on your computer: Here Dropbox after downloading the full installer online saves it to same download directory from which you’ve initiated the download process. So next time full installer comes handy when you reinstall without need to go through this process again.

Is Dropbox following Google’s path for Drive? which has also been offered through web installer

Google Drive offers web installer for users, is Dropbox following Google path’s in offering online installer?. To download Google drive you need to sign into your account and click on download link which downloads googledrivesync.exe file on your Computer. We understand how annoying this process is that’s why we’ve covered post on how to download latest version offline installer of Google Drive on your Computer.

Apart from new smaller installer/downloader on Windows and with addition of support for file types images and thumbnails in popup notifications this build has no new features except bug fixes.

What’s new in Dropbox experimental build 1.7.6

  • A new, smaller installer/downloader on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug where McAfee reports that Dropbox is attempting to terminate its process.
  • Fixed a bug in Finder where overlays are not updated when Dropbox starts.
  • Add support for file type images and thumbnails in popup notifications.
  • Display comprehensive error messages when taking an action on a notification fails.
  • Migrate the older recently changed files data to the new popup.
  • Fix a bug where notifications sometimes fail to "move" when they are updated.

You can download this test build v1.7.6 from here.

What’s your take on online installer plan of Dropbox? do you like that? do you accept when Dropbox offers only web installer its stable version too? share with us in comments.