First beta for 3.0 version of DownThemAll has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux and is available for download from the developer website. This version will be snappy, more responsive and brings new UI and features. Notable changes are: new appearance, support for HiDPI and per-window private browsing have been added.

DownThemAll or simply call as DTA, an add-on for Firefox that lets you download everything from pages- from links to files-, in fact DTA is favorite download manager for most of Firefox users over built-in download manager, don’t know whether this changes with panel based download manager Mozilla to offer in upcoming versions.

DownThemAll 3.0 beta with new features and improvements

1. Added  HIDPI (retina) support, you should know that all icons not have been updated yet.

2. Currently offering private browsing mode has been dropped and support for per-window private browsing has been added, this feature will be available with Firefox 20.

3. DTA is restartless add-on now with better platform support and integration. Developer has modernized the code to support and use latest Mozilla technologies.

DownloadThemAll 3.0 beta user interface

4. Asynchronous I/O makes application window more responsive and snappy.

5. This version brings various memory usage and load time improvements and there are other non mentioned improvements and bug fixes also.

6. On Windows Vista and 7 app window supports light-weight theme.

7.  This add-on doesn’t support or work with Firefox older versions like Firefox 3.6 and Firefox 10 ESR, however Firefox 17 ESR will work that too with some limitations.

8. This add-on will be updated throughout beta releases, once final version releases updates will be served from Mozilla add-ons site.

DownThemAll 3 beta is a preview release and may contain bugs, that’s why it is not recommended to use in day-to-browsing and is compatible with

  • Firefox 18 +: most features
  • Firefox 20: per-window private browsing
  • Sseamonkey 2.15+

You can download DTA 3 Beta from here.