At times, accidentally the pressing Sleep button on the keyboard can annoy you as the system goes to low power state, if you don’t use the Sleep button that much, you can easily disable it on Windows.

If you want to press one key on the keyboard and instead ended up pressing another key does that matters? Not, when you press character or number keys while typing as you can correct the wrongly typed text.

If you’re pressing Caps or NUM lock unknowingly you can use free applications like CaPNotifier and TrayStaus, which alerts you with on/off status of Caps lock or NUM lock.

Sleeper Lets you Send Your Monitor to Sleep Mode with a Hotkey

What happens if you press Sleep button, aiming for the PrintScreen button? Your system will go to sleep mode and you need to enter the Windows password again when it comes from sleep, though you can prevent Windows 7 from prompting for password after Computer wakes up from Sleep, if you’ve found no use with the sleep keyboard key then you can disable it, here is how.

Disabling Sleep Keyboard button in Windows

1. Open Control Panel>Hardware and Sound >Power Options> On left of the screen click on “change when the computer sleeps”

2. Click on “Change advanced power settings”, scroll down a bit

3. Expand Power buttons and lid> double click on “Sleep button action”, click on Sleep setting and choose “Do nothing”.

4. Click “OK” to save the changes.

Make PC Silent When its turning on or waking up with Auto Mute

That’s it! Sleep button on your keyboard has been disabled, from now onwards it does nothing when you press it next time.

Have you found any inconvenience with other keyboard keys during the work? Which keys are they? Share with us in the comments.