Are you annoyed with trackbacks shown by WordPress in comments waiting for approval which also happens when you interlink to your own posts in blog?, you can get over this easily by disabling self pings feature, which comes enabled by default in WordPress.

Whenever you interlink to one of posts in your own site, WordPress generates it as a trackback and shows it as comment in dashboard, more posts you interlink to the more trackbacks you get in comments for moderation. Some web masters find this useful for SEO purposes, that’s why they approve and some gets annoyed and trashes them.

Disabling Self Pings in WordPress with Disabler Plugin

Meet Disabler, is a plugin lets you disable unwanted features in WordPress and disabling self pings is one of the feature it offers. Developer describes the plugin briefly as “instead of installing a million plugins to turn off features you don’t want, why not use ONE plugin? “ for WordPress.

You can search and install this plugin from your WordPress dashboard or you use this link above. After installing the plugin, activate it.

1. Now from WordPress Settings>select Disabler

2. Under “Back End Settings” select “Disable Self Pings(i.e trackbacks/pings from your domain)”.

Disable WordPress Self Pings or Self-trackbacks

3. Click “ Update Options” at the bottom to save the changes.

That’s it self pings/trackbacks were disabled for your WordPress site.

If you’re interested, you can take a look at settings this plugin offers to disable other features of WordPress.

Our Take on Disabler: AFAIK, currently there are two plugins that let you stop self pingbacks to your own blog, one is No Self Pings and other one is above mentioned Disabler, former is not updated since two years that’s why we won’t recommend it installing on WordPress where latter was last updated on September 2012 and worked on WordPress latest version 3.5.1 without any issues.

Have you found this plugin useful? do you allow trackbacks to own posts? if you don’t, how do you disable self-trackbacks then? share with us in comments.