First beta for Firefox 20 has been released and available for download which has replaced old download manager UI with Panel-based download manager and has been activated by default. If you’ve downloaded the beta version and don’t like new download manager UI/Downloads Panel and its icon you can disable it easily and revert back old downloads UI, here is how.

Mozilla is offering new Downloads Panel since almost eight months for now in nightly/aurora/beta channel (not enabled by default though). Current Download Manager in stable version shows progress of downloads in a separate pop up window where new one integrated with Firefox browser window shows download progress in a panel with its icon on navigational toolbar.

Annoyance with the Panel Based Download Manager and temporary fix for it

Download icon which appears to extreme right of toolbar shows progress of download stealing the focus when you work on other tabs and you can hide that icon by dragging and dropping onto customize toolbar window. You can still able to see progress of downloads by pressing ctrl+ J  button which opens library window.

Panel-based download manager in Firefox

Permanently/completely disable Downloads Panel in Firefox and get Old separate window for downloads back

1. Visit about:config

2.  Turn preference value to true.

3. Restart the browser for the changes to take effect.

4. Now Downloads Panel has been disabled and new downloads initiated from now onwards will appear in separate window. However Downloads icon still appear on toolbar so drag and drop it onto toolbar layout window to hide.

old downloads window in Firefox 20

Do you like Downloads Panel? do you think you can able to adopt and use it in long run?share with us in comments.