Are you annoyed with animated GIFs of some twitter users appearing in your timeline? Or if you don’t want to see GIF animations not anymore in browsers, we’ve got you covered.

Those animated GIFs on websites sometimes look good, you may not like these with users on your twitter timeline who’d set as their profile pic. If you want to permanently disable the animated images in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers, simply follow the steps mentioned below.

Disabling animated GIFs

#1. Internet Explorer:

1.  Click on tools menu > Internet Options > Advanced

2.  Scroll down a bit and under “Multimedia” uncheck for ‘Play animations in webpages’.

3. Restart Internet Explorer for the changes to take effect.

# II. Firefox

1. Visit about: config,

2. Find the preference image.animation_mode preference and set its string value as “none”.

There is also an extension available in AMO to toggle animated GIFs with the same name. After installing that restart less extension, you can use hotkey Ctrl +M to enable or disable GIF animations in the Firefox browser.

#III. Google Chrome

Install Stop animations extension, which stops all animations on screen like GIF, Flash and JavaScript with Esc key.

You need to press Esc key again to make them active or playing again.

IV. Opera

First install Download Chrome extension from Opera add-ons site,  then head over to Chrome Web Store and install GIF blocker

V. Vivaldi 

Vivaldi itself allows to disable GIF animations from being displayed by websites in the browsers.

Ensure status bar is not hidden, click on Toggle images and animation icon and select ‘Never’ under Play image animation.

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