Do you want Google Chrome to load tabs on demand like Firefox does? You can get that behavior on startup with an extension. Firefox won’t load tabs from the previous session on startup unless and until you select them, but last visited pages will be loaded automatically, this makes browser to become more responsive and improves the startup time.

Google Chrome doesn’t offer this feature natively, but you can add this to it with an extension called FooTab.

Stop Google Chrome from loading tabs on startup until you select them

Inspired from BarTab add-on for Firefox, a developer has created FooTab extension. Extension developer says “It works for 10 secs on Chrome/Iron start, blocking tabs that are not active from any web requests. After those 10 seconds the web traffic is not blocked anymore and the extension only monitors the tabs that were previously blocked to reload them when they are activated.”

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After installing the Footab extension, you don’t need to configure anything on your end. You need to have some pages/tabs open to test this extension, if you’ve restarted the browser, otherwise visit some sites before restarting Chrome.

You need to click on any tab for it to load. When you click on an unloaded tab, Chrome shows “ the webpage was blocked by an extension” which automatically reloads the page after a few seconds.

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But the  extension itself is not hosted on chrome web store, so you need to manually right click on file and select “save link as” to download extension onto your computer, and then drag and drop it onto chrome://extensions page for install. After that, you need to sign into your Google account to get that extension.

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We’ve uploaded and tested this extension in VirusTotal and it yielded zero virus results.

Download Footab.

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