Chrome app launcher that available on Chromebooks till now which shows all apps installed and lets you access them from one place outside the browser is now available on Chrome dev. channel for Windows. Google wants you to test this feature on your computer.

Chromium blog post says to try App launcher you need to install either of packaged apps on Chrome web store like CIRC or Test Drive, but we’ll tell how you can test that feature without  need to install any such application. But we suggest you to know bit about these Chrome packages apps and how they differ from web apps.

Chrome Packaged Apps vs. web apps, the difference

  • Like to web apps they’re also written on HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • We can launch them outside browsers.
  • These have access to powerful APIs which are not available to web apps.

Try Chrome app launcher without installing packaged apps

1. Visit about:flags in the browser.

2. Find “show Chrome app launcher” flag using the search box (use Ctrl+F to get it) and click enable button under it.

3. Restart the browser.

Chrome app launcher on Windows

That’s it!, shortcut to Chrome apps launcher will be added to taskbar on Windows which you can open and access installed apps for Chrome. If chrome team removes this flag then you’ve no option but to install any one of packaged apps mentioned above.

Note: Chrome app launcher currently available for Windows users only, this feature will soon be coming to Mac and Linux platforms.

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