If you’re on a slower connection you can make the sites you visit in Firefox to load faster by disabling “Load images automatically”option under “Content” tab of Options window. But what if you always want the browser to load images for specific websites? then you can add those sites to exception list which Firefox allows natively. Without all this hassle if you want to block /load images automatically on all websites with a single click you can use Image Block Firefox extension.

Block/allow loading of images on web pages in Firefox with Image Block extension

Visit the extension page in AMO, install the extension and restart the browser. Extension icon appears at the right end of navigational toolbar.

Now to prevent images from showing on a website click on Image Block extension icon which on mouse hover shows “block images”.  Similarly to view those blocked images again click on same button which on mouse hover  shows “shows images”.

What this extension does in the background is it toggles “load images automatically” option of Firefox.

Download Image Block

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