Surprise!, Avast has integrated Adblock Plus functionality into Ad Blocker and offered it as optional feature with their version 8’s second beta, who’d have thought of this? Adblock Plus is popular ad blocking add-on available for Opera, Firefox and Chrome browsers and has passed 3 billion downloads in AMO in July 2012 and security vendor Avast has released its beta 2 of upcoming Avast 8 version with Ad Blocker feature.

Update: Avast has quietly discontinued its Ad blocker tool

Does Avast really has need to offer Ad Blocker with its antivirus?

You can only find this as extension installed in Chrome browser if you’ve installed it cleanly. As Chrome blocks silent extension install of Ad Blocker by Avast you need to explicitly allow and enable it by visiting Chrome://extensions page.

You can click on Avast Ad Blocker’s icon on Chrome toolbar to have access to its options, which lets you select your default language. You can whitelist some websites to allow ads, click on “Manage” button and add list of websites one by one for which you want to disable ad blocking.

Avast Ad Blocker options in Chrome

Since Adblock Plus developer has allowed to non-obtrusive ads on websites to skip through his extension, these “acceptable ads” are enabled by default for Avast Ad blocking extension also. You can find the option to deactivate these on the extension’s options page.

Adblock Plus or Ad Blocker by Avast which to use in Google Chrome or on other browsers?

To see ad blocking functionality of Avast extension you need to disable Adblock plus on Chrome. We’ve found Ad Blocker as effective and equivalent to ABP.

Where Avast is heading?

Recently trend has changed, where security vendors started offering other programs in theirs as we can say inclusion of Do Not Track by AVG and Avira as examples.

We do welcome Browser Cleanup tool, but Software Updater and ad blocker may actually turn Avast into bloatware,What do you say? Share your opinions with us in the comments.