Beta version of Avast 8 has been released for public and officially available for download from Avast forums. We’ve reviewed Avast 8 beta last month, that’s closed beta, this one is public. As we’ve reported in the past this version comes with new user interface, Software Updater, Browser cleanup and AccessAnywhere features.

Avast 8 New features

Software Updater function helps you in keeping your apps up-to-date.

Browser Cleanup tool has been added to remove crappy toolbars and this tool also resets homepage and search engine of browsers to their defaults, currently supports Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Avast 8 free antivirus user interface

Filerep and Webrep have been improved to identify new threats in real-time, streaming updates ensures you always have latest virus definitions.

AccessAnywhere feature lets you access your PC remotely from anywhere in the  world.


To many pop ups which software updater and other new features could’ve added and this beta nags you to register the program.

Avast 8 beta is incompatible with Windows 8

Not compatible on Windows 8, avast is still struggling to prevent BSOD on Windows 8 with its  Network shilled don’t expect them to make your system more unstable with this beta. But anyway they promised that compatible build will be coming soon, we’ll inform you when available, so stay tuned.

Quick scan set to default scan: You should know selecting scan module on home tab on user interface immediately starts scanning that is “quick scan” has been set as default scan module in this version.

Our take on Software Updater, not as effective as Secunia PSI which does automatically update programs, this tool seems checking for update status of browsers and other few apps only for instance WinRAR on Windows 7. We like this to improve so that it can detect and show update status for important apps we regularly use like CCleaner and PDF Readers on desktop.

Download Avast 8 Beta

You can install this beta over existing Avast v7 installed on your computer.

Have we missed anything? what do you like or don’t like in Avast 8 Beta? share your doubts with us in comments.