Till now security vendor Avast has promoted Google products like Chrome and Google toolbar with its free antivirus, now another Google product added to list its Google Drive. Till now users complained about Avast installing Google Chrome, we’ve contradicted that after that we’ve experienced Google toolbar install by Avast, now its Google Drive’s turn which has been installed automatically on our Computer when we installed recently released Avast 8 beta with “Express Install” option.

Express Install or Custom install, which to choose and why?

It will be always recommended to install any program with “Custom Install” method instead of Express Install because we can uncheck any toolbars and promotions like these that are hidden.

Avast installing Google Drive

We’ve installed new beta with express install to see all the new features it offers, but Avast has installed Google Drive without consent and there is no way to stop it during the install. We may not able to reproduce this again.

You can excuse Avast as this is beta version only, this is a warning to always install any program with custom install, what if Avast installs Google Drive with Custom method for stable versions too?, then we can’t do anything except uninstalling Google Drive.

What do you say about Avast 8 beta installing Google Drive without permission? do you accept this if it happens to you? share your feelings in comments.