If you’ve more balance in your Airtel mobile and your family member, friend or relative having not enough talk time to make calls, then him without needing to rush to the shop nearby for recharge you can share some Talk time from your mobile to your friend through gifting service offered by Airtel and this process is very easy.

Airtel gifting service allows you to share/ask for talktime, where Share takltime service “enables airtel prepaid customers to transfer talktime from their account to other prepaid customers’ account.”

Ask for Talktime service which also part of Airtel gifting service lets you ask your friends to gift you talk time.

Note: you should have been using Airtel Prepaid  connection for 60 days or more for this.

Sharing Talktime between two Airtel Mobiles through gifting service

1. From mobile you want to transfer the balance, type *141# command and wait for the menu to arrive from Airtel with options.

Menu appears like this 1. Share Talktime

2. Buy Happy hours packs

3. Take Loan/Ask for Talktime


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2. Once menu arrives, first option being shown as “Share Talktime”, press to “Answer” button and enter “1” and send

3. Here message shows amount you can enter from ‘x’ to ‘y’ and it depends on the balance you’ve, enter the amount and send.

4. Message shows how much you’ll be charged this includes service tax, asks to enter prepaid number, which to you wish to send talk time to

5. Enter the prepaid mobile number and send it, you’ll  get the message how much amount transferred to that number and same amount + service tax will be deducted from your account balance.

Balance receiving mobile number gets the message amount you’ve gifted.

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