ZoneAlarm Free Firewall version 11 for 2013 which we’ve covered back in November 2012 got the first update in new year which has added two new features:Facebook Privacy scan and Do Not Track. This version has also added support for Firefox 17.0.1 and improves AV Behavioral scanning engine used in the product.

New features added in Zone Alarm Free Firewall 2013 (v11)

1. Well known Do Not Track feature prevents companies from tracking you while you surf online.

2. Facebook Privacy scan Scans your recent Facebook activity and alerts you to privacy concerns. Control what others can see.

  • Identifies timeline posts that expose your private information to strangers.
  • Scans photos, videos and status updates for tags that can hurt your privacy.
  • Works within your Facebook account, scan results delivered in seconds.
  • Includes detailed step-by-step instructions to tighten your Facebook privacy.
  • Share your own Facebook privacy ideas to help others improve their privacy.

New Version added Do Not Track and Facebook Privacy scan features

ZoneAlram is most popular Firewall by Checkpoint offers two way protection to your PC from hackers, unlike to Windows built-in Firewall which offers for incoming traffic only. ZA Firewall ensures no data will be send to hackers. 

Checkpoint also offers Antivirus along with its Firewall as free product which is powered by Kaspersky scan engine. The above said new features and improvements available for this product as well.

Attention program offers ZoneAlarm Security toolbar during the setup which you can avoid installing by deselecting options for it on wizard. And for beginners, don’t have knowledge on  configuring Firewall suggested to set application learning mode for Firewall to auto-learn mode during the install which takes care of things automatically without needing your intervention.

ZA Free Firewall works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

Download ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2013