If you want to skip Windows 8 boot process quicker by disabling blue Windows logo, modern boot UI, spinning icon and messages shown during the boot you can achieve that by using free tool released by WinAero. If Windows 8 is set is as default Operating system on your dual-boot system then Windows 8 modern UI boot loader takes over the legacy one and makes it difficult to switch between OSes and accessing Advanced boot options for Windows 8 also is not easy either.

Meet Boot UI Tuner from WinAero, a freeware portable tool which not only lets you enable above said things but also lets you customize Windows 8 boot experience to your liking.

Using Boot UI Tuner you can disable the following features during Windows 8 boot process

  • modern boot menu, that means legacy boot menu will be enabled.
  • Windows logo.
  • loading/spinning circle. 
  • Messages such as “please wait” and “updating registry” etc.,

Boot UI Tuner for Windows 8

Using this tool, you can enable advanced boot options for Windows 8 and editing of boot options at startup, the former lets you access commands such as safe mode, enable low-resolution video and other for troubleshooting purposes on every boot where latter lets you change starting boot options. 

See the tool in action in below video.

We know using BCDEdit command line tool we can able to enable or disable Windows boot settings, Boot UI Tuner runs respective bcdedit commands behinds the scenes to enable or  disable Windows 8 boot features mentioned above.

To restore to default boot settings for Windows 8 you need to click on “Defaults” button offered on program UI. For every change to apply you need to restart your Computer.

Download Boot UI Tuner works on both 32 & 64-bit of Windows 8.

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