Web of Trust which is available as an add-on for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer browsers shows safety ratings for websites and links in search results has passed 60 million downloads and last year by this time WOT has been downloaded 30 million times, so now this number has been doubled. Another achievement to highlight: earlier to this month WOT has rated 40 millions websites so far.

WOT provides reputation rating’s for sites, these are powered by their millions of community members. With its colored traffic-light system, this tool makes it easy for even novice users to know the site he is visiting is safe or not, there are some reasons to use Web of Trust.

Web of Trust

After installing the add-on, its icon shows trustworthiness of site in navigation bar and next to  links.

Markus Suomi, WOT’s CEO, said: “There is a large group of users to whom being able to contribute to web safety by rating websites is very rewarding. These people can identify multiple types of threats every month and by sharing this information through WOT they can help protect other users from falling into online traps”.

We’ve covered about Web of Trust in detail in the past you can read web of trust guide and let me tell you WOT not just available for browsers, it is available as plugin for WordPress too. You can even add WOT as search engine in Firefox, Chrome and other browsers.

WOT shows its reputation ratings for links on social networking sites too like Twitter and Facebook also, so these site users and other users using this tool are protected on web from phishing scams and malicious links.

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