Quora, popular question and answers site making compulsory to sign up for visitors or sign in for already registered users who stumbled on to their site through search engines for answers. If you’re not a Quora user and have an account either on Twitter or Facebook then you can sign in with either of those accounts to view the answer.

Quora not showing answers for not signed-in users by blurring them

If you’re not registered in Quora and reached the site through search results for answer Quora won’t shows you the answer after the first one. Instead the text part in the answers user curious to know will be blurred and Quora shows the message to the visitor “you must be signed in to read this answer” user eventually need to sign into the site with Twitter or Facebook or with his Quora account credentials if he had registered one in the past.

must be signed into read this answer on Quora

On the sidebar Quora tells the answer for the visitor with the question

Why do I need to  sign in to read answers past the first one?

“Quora is a knowledge-sharing community that depends on everyone being able to pitch in when they know something.”

Is Quora using this tactic to decrease the  bounce rate by converting visitors from search engines into users? how useful this to user from his perspective?. Does user really needs to register an account in Quora to read the answer?. Yahoo answers is definitely different to Quora in regards to this.

What do you say?