To view tab history for a particular tab in Firefox browser you need to hover mouse pointer over back button and need to right click on it or you can pull down back button as history shown in drop-down manner, both methods are not intuitive. Meet Tab History Menu add-on which shows the tab history with just pointing your mouse pointer over selected tab, easy! and makes back/forward button on navigation bar showing history as redundant.

Tab History Menu Firefox Add-on is a good alternate to back/forward history button

To get the history menu for current tab you’re facing, all you need to do is click on it and when the drop down menu is displayed, hover pointer and click on menu item to go back to that page.

Tab History Menu Firefox

This extension by default shows current page title in history menu if current tab doesn’t have any history and it also won’t shows the history menu for selected tab when Alt, Shift or Ctrl keys are pressed. You can change these in extension options.

You can install this extension from here.


History drop down menu displayed each time when you click may distract you and takes away some valuable space on page when tabs are on bottom.

Try this extension and let me know what you think through comments.