RKill, portable tool developed by BleepingComputer.com site to terminate malicious processes on infected systems helps users to scan their systems for infections using antivirus software and further they can able to remove threats if any found. We’ve reviewed this tool way back in Jan 2010 and now it is even more powerful and doing more good for users, those features have been mentioned below.

RKill features

  • Stops malware services and terminates known malicious processes.
  • Resets incorrect file associations like .EXE, .COM, & .Bat in Windows registry if changed by malware.
  • Makes sure Hosts file is editable, so that administrators can able to manually remove addresses of any malware sites that were added to the file.
  • Removes registry entries created by malware that stops user from running security programs.

How to use RKill

Being a portable tool, all you need to do is download and run it on your Computer. The program shows command window and scans your Computer for malicious processes, registry entries and policy changes, once the scan finishes a dialog will appear on the screen along with RKill.txt log file which shows actions performed by tool on your Computer.

RKill is running from command window

After that you need to scan your system for infection with security software and you shouldn’t restart your Computer after using RKill where stopped malware processes can became active on startup again.

RKill available with different extension names and with different file names

Developers were smart enough to offer their tool with other file extensions and other file names to outsmart malware processes which requires processes to have file names for running.

RKill apart from available in regular executable format also available with other extension formats such as .scr, .com. and with other file names like eXplorer.exe, iExplorer.exe uSeRiNiT.exe  and WiNlOgOn.exe ,so that if malware blocks one file user can download and run other file offered by BleepingComputer site.

RKill works on Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7/8.

Download Rkill.