If you’re looking for Firefox extension that resumes previously seen videos from where you saw last time without playing from the beginning, look no further install Video Resumer without any second thoughts. YouTube hasn’t got the built-in ability to resume playback of videos from where you left off for instances like you reloaded the video loading page or restarted the browser or shutdown or restarted the Computer, for these situations YouTube Player always plays the video from the beginning.

What if? if you’ve watched most part of long video and then interruption occurred do you want to watch streaming from beginning?, definitely not!. Meet Video Resumer add-on for Firefox that plays video where you played it last or paused, no sign up is required just install it and forget as this extension always resumes videos on YouTube site.

Testing Video Resumer Firefox add-on for YouTube

Download and install this restart less extension. Pause a video on YouTube after playing for sometime, now reload or restart the browser that video will be played from where you saw last time.

resume videos playback from where they stopped last time

This extension currently works on YouTube site only and doesn’t work for the YouTube videos that embedded on blogs or other websites.

You can download this extension from Mozilla add-ons site.