Do you know we can use keyboard shortcut to open elevated Command prompt in Windows 8? don’t know? check this out. Lets accept this!, opening command prompt in Windows 7 is as easy typing cmd on search box on Start Menu and pressing enter button, while Windows 8 doesn’t offers intuitive way as most popular Windows version does. 

To open it you need to type cmd, select it from search results and at bottom you need to click on “run as administrator” there is other way around, you can open cmd from File Explorer too. But these methods are tedious and the best method to open command prompt window quickly in Windows 8 that too with admin privileges is to press Win+X, A -simple.

command prompt opened with admin prevliages on windows 8

Let me explain, Win X menu offers settings and admin tools for users. Here you should know pressing Win+X, A is equivalent to opening Win +X menu and selecting “Command prompt (Admin)” with mouse pointer. 

Win X menu in Windows 8 too offers command prompt admin option

Of course UAC prompt comes in the middle when you use the shortcut then you need to click on “Yes” to get the command prompt window.

Do you like this tip? is there any other way to open cmd in windows 8 quickly?share with us in comments.