Opera software has released first snapshot version 12.13 of browser for the new year 2013 which prevents hijack of its search settings and applies new-auto update method. Opera team has done  optimization of preference and web storage file saves” which is supposed to improve websites performance that have plenty of storage data you can consider Twitter site one for instance.

Till now Opera shows new update available dialog whenever browser developer releases the new version, this should improve with new auto-update checker included in this Opera 12.13  snapshot. Opera says their new auto-update mechanism “should be more reliable in every environment and make sure there aren’t any problems blocking users from upgrading.”

protects browser search settings from being hijacked by third-party program extensions

You can able to test this new feature with next snapshot that Opera releases, you can download and test 12.13 version first snapshot from here.

No silent extension installs for Opera too

Similar to Chrome, Opera has already blocked third-party extension installation outside their  add-ons gallery, now they’ve extended this to extensions installed by third-party applications as well which means search settings won’t able to change by those applications without user consent.

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