Final version of Opera 12.13 has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux with stability improvements and security enhancements and is available for download from Opera website. Opera highlights two bug fixes as significant ones:one, Opera not able to load pages on startup where the browser is disconnected from internet and two, browser gets internet communication errors on Facebook.

On platforms wise- for both Linux and Windows as we mentioned previously Opera software has implemented new auto-update mechanism and (for Windows only) protection against hijacking of default search has been improved.

Opera 12.13 stable

From Opera 12.13 version onwards browser’s search settings won’t be changed by third-party software on Windows without user’s permission.

Read Opera 12.13 with search Settings protection and auto-update checker

You can check Opera 12.13 full change log here.

User can either manually upgrade to latest version by checking for updates from Help menu or install 12.13 version over existing Opera version installed on your Computer.

Download Opera.