Mozilla now blocklisting malicious add-ons aggressively, till now you may’ve heard news about Firefox developer blocklisting Java, Silverlight and other plugins because of vulnerabilities, now they’ve added some Codec add-ons available with different names such as Codec, Codec-C and Codec-M to their add-on blocklist, reason being Mozilla found these add-ons distributing malware, that’s why they’re  blocked.

Codec Extensions added to Firefox add-on blocklist

What this means if any user has installed such add-ons they’ll be automatically disabled. If any add-on is incorrectly blocked by Firefox then user has to open Profile folder and delete the blocklist.xml file in that folder and start Firefox browser or he has to wait for another 24 hours as blocklist file will be updated automatically.

Firefox gets the information for which add-on to block locally from this file

You shouldn’t play with this file as it will be constantly updated with add-ons that pose security threat and also causes stability issues for Firefox.

If you’re curious to know what is this add-ons blocklist read

Firefox Add-ons Blocking and Their Blocklist

You can find all add-ons blocked by Mozilla till now here.

Source: Mozilla add-ons blog

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