If you’ve registered in Mega and if you try to access this cloud storage service after signing into it from Firefox beta version you’ll be warned with dialog “Mega Rocks with Google Chrome” and shows the message at the bottom to abandon outdated browser you’re using and download Google Chrome to enjoy MEGA’s full power, doesn’t this irritates you? Mega not got this right, hope they correct this.

Though Firefox current version scores less points than Chrome in HTML5testing that doesn’t mean that user should switch to Chrome to use their service. Instead Mega should test from which browsers users logging in? and they need to know their versions numbers right before warning users! is there any deal between Google and Mega to promote Chrome? we don’t know that yet?.

MEGA warns Firefox user to use Google Chrome

Mega cloud storage service annoys Firefox users to download Chrome

Here is the warning message shown by Mega for me on Firefox 19 Beta

You can  ignore this warning by clicking “Do not show this again”  if you’re already using the latest version of Mozilla browser.

“Warning:  you’re using an outdated browser, which adversely affects your file transfer performance. Please upgrade to to Google Chrome.

While other browser vendors are still struggling to implement full spectrum of HTML5’s functionality Google Chrome has it all-today.  To enjoy MEGA’s full power (such as automated batch up – and downloading) we strongly suggest abandoning your current outdated browser and upgrading to Chrome as soon as possible”

Have you encountered this warning from Mega when using Firefox? share with us in comments.