JavaRa 2.1 has been released with new features and bug fixes and is available for download from developer website. JavaRa, a portable tool that lets you remove Java older versions and allows you to Remove Java completely including registry entries got an Update, JavaRa 2.1 has been released. Develop has added new feature to clean JRE temp files, you can find this under Additional Tasks.

Other features include:program now prompts for admin rights on start of it and Java version detection has been improved.

For the uninitiated here is what JavaRa can do if you’ve Java installed on your Computer 

  • Updates Java after performing version check locally using Juscheck.exe or with Oracle’s Java online version checker.
  • Uninstalls Java, if its uninstall fails it forcefully removes Java related registry entries and folders from your Computer.

JavaRa 2.1 released

From “Additional Tasks” function on interface you can able to

  • Remove startup entry of Java
  • Check Java version
  • Remove outdated JRE Firefox extensions.
  • And new feature, clean JRE temp files.

JavaRa works on Windows 2k/XP/Vista/7 and you must be running with  admin rights to use this tool.

Download JavaRa 2.1