Java is not safe to use right now, you’ve been warned to immediately disable Java or even better uninstall it from your Computer as new zero-day vulnerability has been discovered which being exploited in the wild. Two hackers who maintain Blackhole and Nuclear pack exploit kits have added new exploit to their kits that “attacks a previously unknown and currently unpatched security hole in Java”.

Alienvault labs has confirmed the presence of zero-day security flaw in Java 7 and in the latest version -Java 7 Update 10. Question Oracle needs to answer when they going to release the patch?.

Java 7 affected with Zero-day Vulnerability

We’ve recently covered that Java 7 Update 10 has provided more controls to the user in disabling Java in browsers, in fact you can disable Java in all browsers with a single click, you need to do that right now to stay safe and secured.

[Via Kerbs on Security]