Update: Here is how to Disable new context menus in Chrome 26

Latest Google Chrome 26 dev. channel sports new UI style for Chrome menu with white background color and it has also grown bigger in size and context menu gets coat of white paint too. Get ready for two significant(?) UI changes in upcoming 26 version of Chrome – Chrome menu which appears drop down when you click on three horizontal lines icon now got even bigger when compared to current one in stable and beta versions.

And background color has been changed to white from gray, same applies to context menu in respect to color which appears when you right click in Chrome. You can see the difference between the two from the screenshots below.

Majority of users see changes to UI elements in Chrome when stable version releases but some  know these changes in dev. and Canary builds of Chrome, a small change to remove wrench icon got so much attention from stable version users-some thought their Chrome infected with virus.

Chrome 26: color for both Chrome menu background and context menu are whiteChrome's old and new context menus compared

We don’t think these changes are experimental and these are here to stay IMO and available to all users on Chrome 26 when it officially releases. You can spot these UI changes in dev. channel of Chrome (version number 26).

We don’t like the white background for Chrome menu and context menu as it looks more ugly on Google sites like YouTube and Gmail which already shows more white space.

What do you think of these UI changes?