Free Viewer is one such useful freeware program that opens Office files, plays multimedia files, extracts compressed files and lets you view and edit raw, Camera and general images. If you don’t have Microsoft Office software installed on your Computer to open Doc or DocX and other Office files received through email? And if you don’t want to install MS Office, Open Office or Word Perfect to open such files and looking for a multi-purpose utility that serves your purpose for that day, look no further Free Viewer which supports over 100 popular file formats is what you need.

Open Freely is an Universal File Viewer For your Computer

Free Viewer features

1. Allows to open and edit Microsoft Office (.docx, .xlsx, .Pptx, .Doc, .XLs), Open office and Word Perfect files.

2. View and edit Photoshop, RAW image and and Camera pictures taken in .jpeg. jpg ,gif, .png formats.

3. If you’ve VLC player installed, you probability not need this to play multimedia files, but if no such video player installed on your Computer, then you can rely on this as it plays video, audio and flash movies without any issues.

Video formats supported are: .avi, .Mpg, .Mpeg, .Mp4, .Mkv, .3gp and Audio are: .mp3, .Mid, .Flac, .WMA, .ogg.

Free Viewer opens multiple file formats

4. If you’ve received an archived or compressed file with no associated programs like 7Z, WinZip or WinRAR installed on your Computer, Free Viewer useful as file extraction tool too!, it easily extracts contents from compressed files in formats such  .7z,  .zip. .rar. .gz., .tar, .tgz, .jar and supports XP install files.

Free Opener Opens Over 75 File Types Quickly & Easily

Associating file types with Free Viewer

After installing the program, it associates with file formats for which software not installed on your Computer, later you can always associate other file types with the program by selecting “File Associations” from the drop down Menu. You can check all file formats this program supports here.

Final words:If you don’t want to install Office, video players, image editing programs with the feeling they might consume your system resources and slow down your system, then you can install Free Viewer, which opens files like Office, Photoshop, PDF when you encounter them.

Download Free Viewer, works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

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