Microsoft Fix It tool now available for Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 users which has recently affected with Zero-day vulnerability. If you’ve not heard the security news recently zero-day bug has been discovered in Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 browsers where IE8 and IE 9 are not affected with this. Microsoft is working on security updates for this, meanwhile a fix it tool, “MSHTML shim workaround” supposed to prevent exploit has been for released IE6-8 users, so that they can install and browse websites safely in affected Internet Explorer versions on their  Computers.

Microsoft says in security response center site “ We have updated Security Advisory 2749920 to include the Fix it we discussed in Saturday’s blog post. This easy, one-click Fix it is available to everyone and prevents the vulnerability from being used for code execution without affecting your ability to browse the Web”.

internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions affected with vulnerability and exploit

After running this Fix it tool 50971 on your Computer it creates a restore point and you should know that you don’t need to restart the browser or system as changes will be applied immediately.

You can download this fix it tool from here, this page offers two fix it tools one to enable the fix on your Computer and other to disable the fix, you should apply the first one on left.

You can read more information about this workaround here.