If you’re not able to play rich media content through Flash Player that has been embedded or integrated into Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8, follow these steps.

How to Fix issues with embedded Flash Player in Windows 8

FYI, Microsoft offers Internet Explorer on Windows 8 in two modes: Modern mode and desktop mode.

To find the root cause for the issue, follow below DIY troubleshooting steps.

#I.  If you can’t play flash content in Internet Explorer 10 in modern mode, check if you can able to play it on Internet Explorer in desktop mode by switching to desktop mode.

If you can’t, then follow the steps below

1. Switch to Desktop mode for IE for that page, and Disable ActiveX Filtering and see if the problem is solved.

For that open IE in desktop mode, from tools menu deselect “ActiveX Filtering” and try to play that content in that page.

disable ActiveX filtering that may resolve flash  issues

2.  Make sure the Flash Player Plugin is enabled under IE add-ons for that page. Switch to IE in Desktop mode and from Tools menu select “ manage Add-ons” and check Shockwave Flash object is present and enabled, if disabled, enable it.

3. Install Flash Player’s latest version that can be found and downloaded through Windows Update.

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If the above steps doesn’t help and you‘re still unable to play rich content for IE in both modes, then that site might not be in Compatibility View (CV) list maintained by Microsoft locally on your computer that gets updated by Internet Explorer.

#II. Now make sure updates for Compatibility view list is enabled, for that

Open IE on desktop, press Alt +F key combination to view menu bar, select “Compatibility View Settings”

IE Compatibility view  Settings

Select “Download updated compatibility lists from Microsoft “ and click close button.

Adobe has detailed these steps to help you resolve Flash Player issues on Windows 8.

You can also manually add desired flash content sites to CV list.

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At present, do you have any issues with embedded Flash Player in Internet Explorer on Windows 8 ? Share with us in comments.