Firefox Health Report which we’ve reported back on September has now been part of Firefox 21 nightly build and this feature is enabled by default, under “Data Choices” tab for Advanced tab of Options. This feature “helps you understand your browser performance and shares data with Mozilla about your browser health”.

You can able to open Firefox Health report (FHR) on Nightly by visiting about:healthreport in browser or from Nightly button>Help>select “Nightly Health Report”.

Firefox Health Report feature lands on Nightly

New Data Choices tab has been added under Advanced tab of Options which lets you control the data Nightly sends to Mozilla to improve the experience. Since health report is enabled by default, if you’re opted to send telemetry data and crash report you can disable either any one or both Telemetry and Crash Reporter from Data Choices tab.

Data Choices tab with options to disable Telemetry, Firefox helath report and crash reporter

So far Firefox Health Report has not shown any useful information regarding the browser except it showed the message “we’re still gathering data on your browser’s health. Stay tuned!”. when clicked on “Show Nightly Report”.

Firefox Nightly health Report

FHR to submit data related to five categories, they’re: configuration, Customizations, Performance, Wear and Tear and Enveloping.

How to turn off or Disable health Report feature in Firefox

You can do this by visiting about:healthreport page or from Data Choices tab.

On about:healthreport page, you need to click on “Turn off Reporting” button or on Data Choices tab deselect “Enable Firefox health report” and click OK to save the changes.

If you change your mind to submit data to Mozilla to enable it back, click on “Help make Nightly better“ on its about page or by selecting “Enable Firefox Health Report” under Data Choices tab.

Final words

So far we can say this feature is just transferring the data to Mozilla but not showing useful information regarding browser in Nightly.

What do you say about this feature? do you think this feature should come enable or disabled by default? what’s your privacy choice on Firefox health report? share with us in comments.