Firefox 20 to offer -long awaited  per-window private browsing feature, new panel-based download manager and also UI for the user to end unresponsive plugins and there‘re other improvements on performance wise too and developers will welcome new features such as JavaScript profiler tool.

We’ve covered two new features in Firefox 19 beta version already, they’re: built-in PDF Viewer and protection for keyword.URL setting that alerts user when third-party software makes changes to search provider of Awesomebar, so what’s new in latest release of Firefox 20 Aurora, come on let us find out.

Firefox 20 : What’s new

Per-window Private Browsing is On: Firefox 20 now allows you to start separate private browsing window without needing to close the current session and you can open any link in new private browsing window from right-click menu which is more convenient and useful when you stumbled on to shopping site links.

New Panel- based Download manager which Mozilla has been working since some time for now Firefox has been enabled by default in this version where its icon appears at the end of navigation bar, shows progress of downloads, you can read our review about it from below link.

Download Panel Firefox 20

Hands on Firefox New downloads panel, you won’t notice it unless you install Aurora clean.

This version of Firefox offers plugin Hang UI that shows which Out of Process Plugin is causing the browser to hang and allows the user to kill that from dialog shown on screen. This feature is useful addition that makes browser to keep running for long period time without crashing, after all we used to encounter Flash plugin crashes with in our day-to-day browsing.

Plugin Hang UI in Firefox 20

You can see more improvements in page loading-Mozilla now gives higher priority to load style sheets and scripts than images-downloads and shutdown.

Test getUserMedia in Aurora 20

Mozilla implemented first API getuserMedia for WebRTC which allows browser page to capture Camera and microphone with user consent. This feature is not enabled by default in Firefox 20. To try this in Aurora, visit about:config, find and and turn “media.perconnection.enabled” preference to “true”.

getuserMedia test page

If you’ve Cam and microphone connected, test GetUserMedia by visiting this page after enabling the above said preference.

For developers below are new features and changes

  • CSS3 Flexbox implemented and enabled by default.
  • Continued implementation of draft ECMAScript 6 – clear() and Math.imul.
  • New JavaScript Profiler tool.

Take Firefox Aurora 20 for a spin and let us know your experience about it through comments