Stable version 1.6.12 followed by 1.6.13 have been released one after another for Dropbox for Windows, Linux and Mac. Dropbox v1.6.12 fixed Overlays not updating in Finder on Mac where no changes for Windows and Linux users and Dropbox version 1.6.13 fixes web login issue, its better for now even Windows and Linux users to upgrade to 1.6.13 version. 

Dropbox employee David says in its official forum on finder Overlays“Some of you were complaining about the overlays not updating in Finder. This should fix that”. You need to restart Finder app for the changes to take effect and you can use simply “killall Finder” command in Terminal for that.

What’s new in 1.6.12 build

  • Fix Finder overlays not updating properly on Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion

Fixes in 1.6.13 build

  • Fix web login not working in certain cases

Download Dropbox 1.6.13