This article tells how easily you can locate the Dropbox cache folder and delete the files in it on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Dropbox has hidden cache folder which preserves the deleted files, FYI, Dropbox clears this cache folder automatically for every three days.

If you’ve not looked at this folder till now you might be losing valuable hard drive space on the Operating System drive. If your C drive gets full, then files in the Dropbox folder won’t be synced to Dropbox on web by showing an error, so for all good reasons you can delete this cache folder and gain valuable disk space easily.

Clearing files in Dropbox cache folder on Windows, Mac and Linux


1. Open Run command by pressing Win key +R

2. Type, or copy and paste “%HOMEPATH%\Dropbox\.dropbox.cache” without quotes and  press enter

3. Once the cache folder of Dropbox appears on the screen, delete the files in that folder by selecting all and further using Shift+ Del key combination.

Dropbox cache folder in Windows Explorer thumb Clearing Dropbox Cache is dead Easy, here is how

Update: Make sure you’ve already selected “Show hidden files, folders and drives” from Folder options to view hidden Dropbox cache folder.


Using Finder app in Mac we can able to locate Dropbox cache folder and delete the files in it. Follow the steps below.

1.  Open Finder app and select Go to folder and press Shift -Command-G

2. Copy and paste  “~/Dropbox/.dropbox.cache” without quotes and press the return key, then Dropbox cache folder will be  shown

3.  Delete the files in it.


1. Open a terminal window and enter “rm -R ~/Dropbox/.dropbox.cache/*” command without quotes which removes files in the dropbox directory. [Via Dropbox help]