Mozilla has decided to give more control to the user by forcing click to play plugins enabled by default even for all versions of all plugins (those including the current ones) except for current version of Flash. Till now Mozilla allowed Firefox to run the plugins when a website requests it, don’t forget old version and vulnerable plugins already have y been added to click to play blocklist where user has to click on plugin content to activate.

“Users can also configure sites to never run plugins or conversely always run plugins. This change puts the user in control.” says Coates, director of Security assurance for Firefox in security blog.

Its true with this change Firefox performance will be improved as memory resources will be freed and there are security benefits to the user also- when he happen to visit malicious website where no harm will be done through vulnerable plugins on that website because plugins are not loaded by default, thanks to click to play plugins.

Firefox click to play plugin blocks

Mozilla also recommending users to check their plugins update status by visiting their plugin check page. Do you know? this plugin check page not only works for Firefox but checks and shows plugin versions for other browsers like Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer (partially) too when you visit from those browsers.

Read Mozilla’s Plugin Check now Checks Status of all Browsers Plugins

       Google Chrome Plugins Version Checker

Currently click to play plugins has been enabled for older and vulnerable plugins. Mozilla to expand click to play to all versions of all plugins except present version of Flash when they finish UI work.

When Mozilla implements this, user has to click to activate content for even current version of plugins like Silverlight, Java and Acrobat Reader and all other plugins.

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