If you’re not able to uninstall Bitdefender Antivirus free edition from your Computer don’t  worry! Bitdefender is offering uninstall tool for the same. We’ve already covered how to uninstall recently released Bitdefender Antivirus free edition, that method as usual involves uninstalling the program from “Programs and Features” in Control Panel.

If that fails you’ve no other choice but to depend on Uninstall Tool released by Bitdefender especially for theirs free Antivirus version of their product.

Using Bitdefender Uninstall tool

Let me tell you Bitdefender Uninstall tool offered by security vendor is to remove all Bitdefender products that includes antivirus (not free one) and the tool we’re mentioning in this post are not same, they’re different. That tool doesn’t removes free AV of Bitdefender.

What you need to do is

1. Download the tool from the link below and double click on Gonzales_uninstalltool.

2. On next step, click “Uninstall” button, then this tool performs following actions

  • loads uninstall configuration file and terminates running processes related to Bitdefender free AV
  • and then deletes program  files, folders, registry keys, registry values and shortcuts from your Computer.

Bitdefender Uninstall tool performing uninstall of bitfedender AV free edition

3. Prompts you to reboot your Computer, which you should to complete the uninstall process

4. Once your system restarts, your PC is free from Bitdefender antivirus free edition where you’ll be able to reinstall the same AV or other security program on your Computer.

Download Bitdefender Antivirus free edition uninstall tool

Have you faced any trouble in uninstalling Bitdefender AV free edition if you’re already using that? is so how you removed it? share with us in comments.