Do you want to transfer your installed extensions in Firefox to another PC? or planned to format your PC or wants to uninstall Firefox completely along with profile data folder that includes add-ons, or thinking to reset Firefox -all these actions removes installed Firefox add-ons, if you’re thinking it would be nice to backup all these add-ons and restore when needed, there is an extension for that, it is Firefox Environment backup Extension in short called as FEBE.

Backup and Restore Firefox add-ons or browser’s complete profile with FEBE

This extension not only backs up your add-ons, but also themes, bookmarks, passwords, cookies, preferences,what not! we can backup everything that Firefox offers. To say in one sentence you can backup your whole Firefox profile or selected items and restore them easily with the help of FEBE, most useful extension ever for Firefox users.

Using FEBE to backup Firefox add-ons 

1. All you need to do is download and install FEBE extension and restart the browser.

2. Now open addons page in Firefox and click on “Options” for FEBE

Click on “Where to backup” tab and specify the backup destination directory, now click on ”What to backup” tab and select the items you want to backup, here you can set backup type as selective or full profile or both or Alternate.

backing up Firefox extensions using FEBE

3. To just backup extensions, uncheck backup themes and leave backup extensions entry selected as it is and click Ok.

4. Now to start the backup, from Firefox menu button>Backup  Utilities>FEBE> select perform backup

FEBE backs up XPI files of installed add-ons to folder you specified earlier by including “FEBE Results Report” html file in it which offers information like number of extensions processed, their names and processed date and backup type and other details.

To restore these backed up extensions using FEBE, Firefox menu>Backup Utilities>Restore>select Restore extensions.

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How do you backup Firefox extensions? have you find this extension useful?share with us in comments.

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