When was the last time you entered into a Public chat room from Yahoo Messenger, you won’t be able to after December 14 this year as Yahoo decided to discontinue Public Chat rooms and other features for its Messenger product. Other services to stop for Yahoo Messenger are Pingbox, interoperability with Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Voice Phone In and Phone Out feature.

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Yahoo Discontinues Public Chat rooms, Pingbox and other services for Messenger

Seems as if Yahoo got inspired from Google decided to discontinue some features from its yahoo Messenger Product. “Sometimes, this means we have to make tough decisions — like closing down features that we feel aren’t adding enough value for you. This helps us spend more energy on creating experiences that make Yahoo! the most fun way to spend your time.”

“With this in mind, we have decided to discontinue several Yahoo! product features. This will enable us to refocus our efforts on modernizing our core Yahoo! products experiences and of course, create new ones. “

Yahoo Mail Classic Is Going Away and and More Yahoo Products to be Closed

On December 14, 2012

  • Public Chat rooms will be closed and Pingbox will no longer be available for you.
  • Recently Microsoft has phased out support for Windows Live Messenger and integrated into Skype, Yahoo Messenger will not work for MSN Messenger either.

“Effective January 30, 2013, we will no longer offer Yahoo! Voice Phone In and Phone Out capabilities, our co-branded landline and mobile phone service from Jajah”. Yahoo confirms “Free Messenger-to-Messenger calls will still be offered through Yahoo! Messenger”.