WinPatrol, the program which alerts you when new programs automatically added to startup programs list has released for 2013 with version 26.0 with minor changes and with Windows 8 support. WinPatrol 2013 is available for users in both free and Plus (paid) versions.

For the uninitiated WinPatrol is a “powerful tool that alerts you to system changes, allows you to prevent selected programs from running, allows you to safely explore what programs might be slowing you down and more.”

What’s new in WinPatrol 2013 version 26

WinPatrol 2013 has few changes, for instance one change is with Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 -when Microsoft has renamed index.dat file to Container.dat developer has to tweak WinPatrol program according to the change which now allows removal of container.dat file rom IE10.

You can manage tracking files aka Cookies from its tab on program interface.

WinPatrol 2013 version 26 Windows 8

Other uses of WinPatrol in Windows 8

  • By using WinPatrol you can able to switch to desktop mode automatically on startup, all you need to is add explorer.exe aka file explorer to startup programs list.
  • Lot of WinPatrol users able to remove pre-installed crapware from their new Windows 8 PCs, of course PC Decrapifier is actually the tool that’s helps you in that regard.

Download WinPatrol 26.0.2013

Final words

WinPatrol tool lets you know system-wide changes made by malware or other programs on your Computer without your consent, this program needs to be running on your PC.

Have you used WinPatrol in the past? share most useful feature of program you found so far with us in comments.