Avoid manual visit to the VirusTotal website and file upload for the scan by using Official VirusTotal Uploader desktop app for Windows. To perform file scan in VirusTotal you need to visit that service website in browser and need to click on “choose the file” to select the file from your hard drive which then will be scanned by more than 46 antivirus engines and shows the results.

Without the need for this tedious process for the users VT is offering desktop application-Virus Total Uploader version 2.0 -which allows user to upload the file from right-click menu in Windows Explorer.

VirusTotal Uploader App for Windows Desktop

After installing the program on his Computer all user need to do is, right click on the file and choose “VirusTotal” from Send to Menu. This app then checks for that file hash at VirusTotal, if it has been already scanned by VT in the past hash found dialog will be shown and then results will be loaded immediately in the default browser. If not the app uploads the file to the service, you can wait for the upload process to finish or reupload the files as well.

This app interface not only allows files selection and upload but also lets you upload suspicious process executable as well. But selecting the service from file context menu is more intuitive than selecting files for upload from the app interface, isn’t it?.

Use VirusTotal uploader to quickly upload file from right click menu

We recommend this program to be must have in your computer.

Looking for VirusTotal Browser extensions? try VTZilla for Firefox and VTchromizer for Chrome. VirusScanner desktop is an unofficial app works similar to VirusTotal Uploader but displays scan results on its interface window instead in the browser, you may want to look at this app.