If you ask me why should I install & use Chrome Canary or if you want to know some interesting details on Chrome Canary this might be the article you’re searching forChrome Canary is most unheard browser build for some users, it was introduced in July 2010 by Google and is the experimental build offered for developers and early adopters. But this can be highly unstable and breaks at any time, that’s why not recommended for regular usage.

Some facts about Chrome Canary

  • User can use it side-by-side with Chrome stable version/beta/dev..
  • Doesn’t shares same profile with installed Chrome and will be installed in different directory to regular Chrome location.
  • Updates daily.
  • It takes 11 weeks for a feature that landed in Chrome Canary to reach stable version.
  • You can’t set it as default browser, however you can in Windows with a registry hack. Read How to Set Google Chrome Canary As Default Browser in Windows
  • You can easily distinguish which version of Chrome you’re using from the icons on Taskbar -Canary has yellow icon, where regular Chrome you use has multi-colored icon.
  • Available for Windows and Mac only.

Chrome Canary is first Chrome build to get new features

Chrome Canary installed directory is “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome SxS” which is just below the Chrome directory.

Chrome canary install location

If you’re a developer or advanced user wants to know latest features of Chrome before others then you should be using Chrome Canary with stable side by-side. Chrome Canary is comparable  to Firefox nightly and Opera Next builds.

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